Game concepts

The characters:
-Cover: a student stereotype
-Cover on the relation map: important stuff related to your student life.
-Price: how being recruited by Operation Caduceus mess up your life and affect you.
-Price on the relation map: important stuff related to your work as a ERIN handler in Operation Caduceus.
-Lore descriptor: your relation with patient zero.
-Lore on the relation map: important stuff related to patient zero and you.
-Stamina and Will descriptors: aim for student or adolescent colors.
-Kicker: something else then just being recruited by Operation Caduceus.

-Basic definition: Self Vs Loosing your sense of self in patient zero identity and the hivemind.
-At 0 humanity you are: you have totally lost your sense of self and been assimilated by the hivemind.
-Make humanity check when: exploring patient zero past and memories, loosing yourself at work, ignoring yourself too much, having contact with the hivemind.
-Gain humanity when: being selfish, binding with people not related to work, destroying links to patient zero past, having a life of your own, having strong new memories not featuring patient zero, etc.


-Basic definition: something that we could describe as a hivemind who seem to exist within the virus biomass and who have adopted patient zero identity.
-Starting demons: a passing demon: a clone of patient zero that the character control remotely to make SWAT-team intervention in infected zones.
-Other possible demons types: passing (copies of patient zero, possessor, parasite and object (copies of objects who were important to patient zero).
-Demons will: tempt you to revive the past, to revisit patient zero memories, to pass all your time with them and to contact the hivemind.
-Power score: the demon closeness to the hivemind and to patient zero identity.
-Power score of 10: total access to patient zero identity and to the hivemind.
-Power score of 01: very partial access to patient zero identity, like a amnesiac version of patient zero.
-Telltale: each demon have a small white sphere inbeded in them. (Like a small version of the power core of the Angels in Evangelion)
-Desire: to revive desires linked to the memory that brought them into existence, to maintain the illusion that they are patient zero and to destroy anything that break this illusion.
-Need: to be in constant audio or visual contact with the sorcerer. (as the visitors in Solaris)
-Demon can gain power by: eating and assimilating the telltale of a other demon.

-Lore: knowledge of patient zero.
-The means for increasing lore: learn more about patient zero, gain a more intimate knowledge of her.
-Telltale: something, a trait or a habit that bring back memories of patient zero.
-Ritual are based on: reviving memories about patient zero and reshaping infected biomass.
-Contacting: reconstruct in you mind a memory involving patient zero. This memory will precise the demon desire.
-Summoning: in your mindscape ask patient zero to leave the scene and to follow you into a other scene.
-Binding: install patient zero in one your memories where she was not present (so contaminating your memories with her presence).
-Containing: lock the demon into a physical place familiar to patient zero so that it will play the memory in loops.
-Punishing: confront the demon about not being patient zero, about being fake, about it memories being not right and having errors.
-Banishing: Physically remove the demon telltale to disconnect it from the hivemind. (yep this is messy, note that this is done with your will)
-Can sorcerer become demons? yes by reaching zero humanity, believing your are patient zero and eating a demon telltale.
-Can a demon become human? yes by reaching zero power, removing it telltale itself and seeing itself as a individual different from patient zero.


Game concepts

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