Cover, Price and Lore elements

What we established with our brainstorming:

COVER (student) meet LORE (knowledge of Ayane, patient zero):

Ayane family:
-Ayane Nakamura (model student with a wild side like Laura Palmer)(patient zero)(vanished 9 month ago)
-Shichiro Nakamura (father of Ayane) (absent and serious) (chief in command of Operation Caduceus)
-Masuyo Nakamura (mother of Ayane) (absent and friendly) (researcher)

Common friends of Ayane and the characters (16 year olds):
-Hayate: Dominic’s character
-Aiko: Hugues’s character
-Goro: rockabilly, play guitar, boyfriend of Aiko
-Jurou: friendly and clumsy fat kid who have a weak spot for Aiko
-Kaneda: skinny boy whit glasses who have a weak spot for Ayane
-Tomomi: groupie, coolgirl, girlfriend of Hayate
-Haru and his dog Poncho: small annoying brother of Tomomi
-Rina: class president, stuckup intello
-Taichi: rival of Hayate

The grown up (18 year olds):
-Takashi: the bad boy
-Nobu: the cool drug dealer
-Ren: the bad girl

Important places to Ayane and her friends:
-The School: gymnasium, classes, cafeteria, swimming pool.
-The old bridge near a underground parking lot in a industrial zone.
-Sketchy corner store: mister Misagi sell beer to the underage kids.
-The shopping mall with it cinema, arcades and restaurants.
-The Drifter: a sleazy bar where the grown up hang out.
-The Sleaze shop: sleazy sex shop were girls can sell dirty stuff.
-Newpapers kiosk: were the younger kids get their manga.
-Ayane’s father’s luxury apartment: clean, expensive, big tv, jacuzzi.
-Ayane’s mother’s house: in the suburbs, messy, dirty.
-The beach near Ayane’s mother’s house: the place to take a midnight bath.

PRICE (life as a member of Operation Caduceus)

Operation Caduceus:
-Shichiro Nakamura (father of Ayane) (chief in command of Operation Caduceus)
-Miss Haruko (chief of staff) (friendly)
-Mister Kitano (chief of security) (scary)

Project Déméter: (goal: to find a vaccine again the alien virus)
-Masuyo Nakamura (researcher in biogenetic) (was close to find a vaccine)

Project Perséphone: (goal to weaponize patient zero)
-Ayane Nakamura (patient zero) (template to develop Erinyes or “Erin”)
-Erinyes (weaponize clones of Ayane) (Call sign: E-01, E-02, etc…) (Nickname: Erin-01, Erin-02, etc..)
-Doctor Hans Neumann (researcher of genius) (had a strange relation with Ayane and her mother) (in competition with Shichiro)
-Laboratory Érèbe IV (where patient zero is cloned)
-Tartarus containment unit (containment units for the infected)
-The Dollhouse (reconstitution of Ayane childhood house)

Counter Bio-terrorism Unit Oreste:
-Unit 00 “Mégère”: prototype unit, dismantled
-Unit 01 “Tisiphone”: player characters unit
-Unit 02 “Alecto”: fail-safe unit, pet project of Dr.Neumann
-Stephen Select (“Steve”)(american) (field leader)
-Miss Kazumi (handler & babysitter of unit 01)
-Paul Tennant (from England) (psychologist)
-Nora Juhász (medical doctor) (From Hungary)

The virus:
-The infected in zombie stage: lémures
-The mutated infected: titans


Cover, Price and Lore elements

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