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  • Game concepts

    The characters: *-Cover:* a student stereotype *-Cover on the relation map:* important stuff related to your student life. *-Price:* how being recruited by Operation Caduceus mess up your life and affect you. *-Price on the relation map:* important …

  • Hayate Kozashi

    Rmap coordinate: Price: P, Lore: L, Cover: C, Kicker: K PRICE: Shichiro (P,L) Kazumi (P,L) Paul (P,L) Hariko (P,C) Nora (P,P) Kitano (P,P) Steve (P,K) LORE: Sleazy shop (L,L) Ayane (L,L) Pendant (L,L) Ayane's father's apartment (L,P) …

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